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La Réunion peut être une île volcanique dans l'océan occidental des îles Musklin. une dans chacune des provinces d'outre-mer de la France, la situation est de 20,9188 ° S. 55,475063 ° E. sous la juridiction d'une province, c'est-à-dire la Réunion. Environ quatre-vingt-dix kilomètres à l'est se trouvent aux îles Maurice et, par conséquent, à l'ouest, à 650 kilomètres de Madagascar, la plus grande île d'Afrique.

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The picturesque Reunion Island may be a French colony of the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar. This exotic tropical island contains a massive population of individuals from Madagascar, Asia, Europe and continent and may be a veritable cultural melting pot.

Cirque Diamond State Mafate may be a large igneous rock castle that was fashioned an extended time agone once a substantial a part of the spike des Neiges volcano folded. basin Diamond State Mafate is really a part of the trio of Reunion Island. With a 140-kilometer path of criss-crossing basin Mafate, this place has become a paradise for hikers. Walking on the various trails of basin Diamond State Mafate, guests will study the distinctive flora and fauna of the world.

This exotic garden is found in St. Pierre's scholarly person (located within the southeastern a part of the island). There are over one,500 differing types of aromas, spices, medicative and decorative plants within the garden. This garden was completed in 1989. guests will select a guide to achieve insight into the varied plant species and their specific attributes. Some exotic plants you'll notice during this garden embrace rare orchids, lilac trees, flowering tree and ferns (to name some plants).

The beautiful waterfalls dotted round the space build this area a gorgeous name - Anse des Cascades. Anse des Cascades is found on Saint Rose, a commune on the geographic region of the island. There are several ways to the current space that result in the sting of the ocean. This lovely setting is that the good place to get pleasure from a calming picnic. Anse des Cascades conjointly options an oversized coconut plantation and tiny eating place serving authentic native cookery.

La Maison Folio is AN authentic Creole-style house set on a number of Reunion Island's attractions. This fantastic home is set within the heart of the village of Hell-Boug. engineered entirely of solid Creole-style hardwood, the Folio house has withstood the hustle and bustle of your time and nature since its origin within the nineteenth century. Visiting Folio's home is incomplete and doesn't visit its lovely gardens, that have medicative plants and aromatic plants.

The Rearium Reunion storage tank, that opened to the general public in 2000, was created to market the island's distinctive marine heritage. Visiting the storage tank Diamond State la Reunion provides guests the chance to check over five hundred differing types of fish, all of that are placed in massive glass jars. a number of the highest exhibits at the storage tank Diamond State La Reunion embrace coral gardens, reef depth, marine diversity, volcanic cliffs and open seas.